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Surely you think now "Nice, another real estate portal for Tenerife, and what should that bring me now?"

Here we will briefly explain what can offer you and what the benefits may be.

The domain already exists for more than 6 years and is well-listed in all major search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN and thus offers a platform that does not have to start at zero. The idea behind is not to display tons of objects and to stand between the actual provider (that's you, the real estate agent !!) and act as a kind of "middleman". With us no visitor can make a request about a certain property.

We send the visitor directly to the real provider, you!

All objects that we present here, get a direct link to your real estate website, where the visitor then gets all further information regarding an object and can also contact a competent person in contact. As a customer, you can see exactly how many visitors or prospects we have sent you based on your web statistics.

The result counts for us!

and that is easily controllable by our concept

The biggest advantage, however, is our innovative update system that uses XML files to transfer your property listings into our database with just a few mouse clicks.

There is no annoying management and permanent updating of their real estate objects - no time for their costly employees, who only have to worry about updating the various real estate portals, instead of doing more important things.

Property management systems with which works together so far

Click on our offer pages and discover the possibilities to specifically advertise your website.

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Real estate agencies can present their entire portfolio here at no great cost. We then establish the contact between estate agent and future buyer. This page provides a more comprehensive overview of the current situation of the real estate market in Tenerife.

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