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Certainly you’ll be thinking, Fine, another “Real Estate Portfolio Website for Tenerife, and what would I profit from it?¨

I will shortly explain, what’s is about and what advantages can result for you and your Website, by working with us.

This Website has existed for about 6 years, we are listed well in all major Search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN. This offers you a good base and our Portfolio doesn’t have to start from scratch.

The idea behind “IS NOT” to present the visitor a mass of properties and putting us in between the visitor and you the Real Estate Agent as a “intermediate wholesaler” A visitor of can never send us a property request. We link him direct to you, the actual vendor of the property.

All properties we present on our Website have a direct Link to your Property Website, where your potential client gets all the information of the property by a one of your competent sales persons!

You, as our customer, can measure exactly the results, by looking at your Website statistics. With us, only the real results count, which is easily monitored by yourself!

Our Website is specially optimised for Search engines and therefore generates a large amount of visitors. Those visitors, we link straight to you!! Those links rise your Websites Page Rank, which is important for your own Real Estate Website in the relevance of Search results. Our intentions are to give more value to your Website.

Normally you can spend many hours maintaining your property offers with complicated Website Administration forms, to receive 1 or 2 E-Mail requests a month, and you have absolutely no idea if your properties have been seen by anyone!

On the other hand, we offer you the possibility to present special leaflets for Luxury Properties, New Developments or Investments in an interesting way and again with the option for the visitor to get in touch direct and immediately with the competent sales person of your company.

Click in our offer pages, on the right hand and discover what we can do for you and your Website.

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» Your properties on our Website with 3 clicks!!

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